YIPI – Youth Initiated Partnerships International

YIPI – Youth Initiated Partnerships International


The ultimate goal of YIPI is to achieve a more productive, creative and peaceful world of communities.


What young people receive in early development and in their entire education affects their future passions and personality. Adults (the controllers) have claimed that they have known what was best for kids. Imposing that claim has gotten us to where we are: facing the greatest threats to humanity and our environment.

If “good” kids and adults are produced, societies are happy to claim responsibility. But, if “bad” kids and adults are produced, societies tend to blame various individuals and groups and choose to punish the “bad” ones only, thus absolving the society from being an accomplice.

Instead of punishing just the “bad” ones, societies should consider the root cause that produces “bad” ones and take a shared responsibility in improving early human development and education which can produce more compassionate, creative and loving kids and adults who would not want to harm any human being or our supportive environment. This needs to be as worldwide as possible in order to obtain a sustainable reversal of dehumanization.

After evaluating the proposals of EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION, I welcome your response. With enough moral support, I feel strongly that we can begin to reverse the dehumanization of violence, abuse, and even greed that is haunting and threatening humanity and our environment.

Included, THE UNIVERSAL BILL OF RIGHTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. May the universe be blessed by our good will.

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