Stop Cheating Young People

If we really want a better world we will need to stop cheating young people and not just locally but throughout the world.

Can’t we recognize what has happened historically? Societies have limited and even prevented their young people from developing their potential interests, talents, skills and most importantly their creative relationships with peers and adults. As a result of this deprivation, societies have been producing adults with limited vision and ability to contribute to a more sustainable, just and peaceful world of communities.

The conditioning that young people receive in early and educational development, over which they have no control, forms much of their personality and behavior as adults. When societies produce “good” adults they are happy to take credit and boast about it. But when they produce “bad” adults, they tend to blame everyone else and absolve the society as an accomplice and choose to punish only the “bad” ones, leaving the society out. The controllers need to be more responsible for what they produce and share the punishment. The punishment should be to improve early development from birth to adulthood.

Let’s see how smart we might be.  Can we overcome the dehumanization we’ve inherited? We are faced with the greatest threats to humanity and our environment and should declare an emergency. We need to enable young people throughout the world to develop their potential talents and skills for self, humanitarian and environmental enhancement in order to contribute to a more sustainable productive, just and peaceful world of communities.

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