Is Humanity Capable of Surviving?

Is Humanity Capable of Surviving?

I submit that we have not adequately recognized the root cause of dehumanization. There are 3 obvious conditions that I believe have been the root cause of violence and abuse:

  1. Throughout history societies have limited and even prevented young people from discovering and developing their potential interests, talents, skills and creative relationships for self, humanitarian and environmental enhancement.
  2. As a result of this deprivation, societies have been producing adults with limited ability and vision to contribute to a more productive, creative and peaceful world of communities.
  3. Historically, adults have claimed they have known what was best for kids. Acting out that claim has gotten us to where we are; facing the greatest threats to humanity and our environment.

It should be even more obvious that if societies knew what was best for kids as well as adults, we would have a healthy, productive and peaceful world by now. If we continue denying young people from developing their potentials for enhancing their life, humanity will be at risk of self-destruction. We need to explore ways of reversing dehumanization before it is too late.

I believe we still have time to heal humanity and our environment if we simply provide an emergency project involving a quality education that I call EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION as presented in the enclosed material. I further believe it is possible that within 3 to 6 years of implementing the enclosed proposals, young people in partnerships with adults can contribute to a healthier and peaceful world.

We should be asking young people, starting at 4th grade, “How would you like to explore as much of the world as possible just to discover your potential interests?” And then ask, “How would you like to choose your favorite interests to arrange apprenticeship projects to develop your potential talents and skills?”

Now, that would be “EXCITING EDUCATION” for developing potentials for a better future. This process can help students integrate a world of interests and develop multiple talents and skills and thereby choose their life’s work based on experience rather than on fantasy, chance or expectations of others.

But wait. There is something even more exciting: developing partnerships with peers and adults and promoting “CREATIVE RELATIONSHIPS” for improving humanity and our environment by implementing Experiential Education.


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