• Education for a Better World

    For many years the world of educators and concerned adults have imposed or contributed their ideas for improving humanity. Technology has been remarkably advanced while human relationships have failed to a point at which we are now facing the greatest threats to humanities future with increasing violence, abuse and greed.

  • Is Humanity Capable of Surviving?

    I submit that we have not adequately recognized the root cause of dehumanization. There are 3 obvious conditions that I believe have been the root cause of violence and abuse…

  • Letter To The President of the National Education Association

    An open letter on Quality Education.

  • Stop Cheating Young People

    If we really want a better world we will need to stop cheating young people and not just locally but throughout the world.

  • The Universal Bill of Rights for Young People

    Ten educational rights for youth.

  • We Were the Children

    “The Children Are Our Future!” This popular slogan is supposed to have meaningful and positive connotations for having our children inherit a better future. We were those children who became our future. What did we get from our past to help us have and make a meaningful and positive future?