I believe we need to provide QUALITY EDUCATION which helps students to achieve a respect for all humanity by expanding their creativity in partnerships with peers and adults. My proposal for PARTNERSHIPS IN EDUCATION provides this essential QUALITY EDUCATION to increase the value of humanity to a point that no one would want to harm any human being or our life-supporting environment.

Historically, societies have limited and even prevented young people from discovering their potential interests, talents, skills and creative relationships which, in turn, has affected their motivation to want to learn (especially when the required subjects were not relevant to their interests). As a result of this deprivation, societies have been producing adults with limited vision and ability to contribute to a more productive, creative and peaceful world of communities. Adults have claimed that they have known what was best for kids.  If that were true, we should have had a better world by now.

I submit that this dysfunctional education has been the root cause of the constant and escalating dehumanization that has haunted our past and is threatening our present existence. Unless we improve the education for young people by providing an exciting support system that can enable them to develop their potentials for life and environmental enhancement, what hope can there be for a healthy livable future?